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Yamaha YC88 features great sound, expressive touch and modern design. YC88 is powered by Yamaha's proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) organ engine, which recreates individual component behavior to reproduce classic organ character and, most important, sound. In addition to organs, it comes with acoustic/electric pianos and iconic FM synth sounds that Yamaha made famous. YC88 has an intuitive control panel with physical drawbars and uses an 88-key weighted triple-sensor action with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops for pianists.

  • Intuitive controls with no menu diving
  • 88 weighted keys with triple-sensor action and synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
  • 32 types of effects including authentic rotary speaker simulation
  • 9 physical organ drawbars
  • Includes classic organs, pianos, electric pianos and FM sounds
detail image of musician hands playing Yamaha YC88 showing natural wood keys

Natural wood with triple-sensor action
The natural wood keys and graded action of YC88 reproduce the weight and response of a grand piano right down to the feel of the heavy or light hammers in the low and high ends. YC88 also features a triple-sensor action for pianists accustomed to the response and speed of grand pianos. You get the touch of a Yamaha acoustic piano with the unmatched versatility of YC.

Intuitive user interface
All controls required during onstage are placed in dedicated sections on the control panel, such as Organ and Keys. This gives you direct access to the parameters you need at any time and allows you to instantly improvise sound changes on the fly. In addition, the Organ section features newly developed physical drawbars, which naturally deliver exceptionally high playability and even allow you to immediately check the current settings of the drawbars when switching among different sounds, letting you fully concentrate on your performance.

detail image of Yamaha YC88 panel showing screen, master controls and keyboard controls
close-up image of musician's hands playing Yamaha YC88 on stage

Physical drawbars
The nine drawbars on YC88 have the footages and ratcheting you expect in an organ, but there's more than meets the eye. See-through drawbar stops with customizable LED light color make it easy to see differences between simulated upper and lower configurations and to play in split mode. It's like having a virtual set of drawbars to give you more sounds, more flexibility and more choices than you ever thought possible in a compact stage keyboard.

VCM organ
Yamaha puts your favorite classic organ sounds in one powerful, compact stage keyboard. YC88 models three organ vintages: just out of the box, well-traveled and character-rich vintage. Need more? Go under the hood to adjust key click, leakage, rotary speaker speed and more to get the one-of-a-kind organ tone you've been searching for.

overhead view of musician's hands playing Yamaha YC88
detail image of Yamaha YC88 showing rotary speaker controls

VCM rotary speaker
YC88 brings you the authentic sounds of classic rotary speakers with no maintenance required. Choose from two faithfully modeled rotary speaker profiles – clean and full or dirty and aggressive – and adjust top or bottom rotor speed, balances and more for total control.

FM organ
In 1983, Yamaha introduced the iconic sounds of FM synthesis to the world with the launch of DX7. Now YC88 brings FM synthesis to the organ for a new generation of players. Simply switch to FM organ and now the drawbars control 8 FM operators that send a pure sound with massive low end.

collage image showing several models of Yamaha DX synthesizers
Yamaha concert grand piano on stage in concert hall

Yamaha premium acoustic pianos
YC88 features two premium concert grand pianos: Yamaha CFX and Yamaha S700. These pianos provide full dynamic expression and nuance through meticulous recording and voicing. Also included are Yamaha C7, one of the most-recorded pianos in the world and known for being able to cut through a mix with power and clarity, and Yamaha U1, the most popular upright piano in the world.

Electric pianos
YC88 is equipped with high-quality electric piano sounds perfected in and derived from the Yamaha CP series. Powered by the same technology that made DX7 famous, YC88 features real 8-operator FM synthesis for full dynamic and expression that can't be reproduced with samples.

3/4 view of vintage Yamaha electric piano on stand
detail image of Yamaha YC88 control panel showing effects controls

VCM effects
VCM recreates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors through nine FX processors that model the circuits down to the original analog component level and let you customize the sound on the fly with dedicated control panels.

Seamless sound switching
Seamless sound switching allows YC88 to smoothly switch from one sound to another without cutting off the notes, envelopes or effects of the initial sound. This is useful between songs in live performance situations where the sound from one song can fade out while selecting the sound for the next song.

close-up image of musician's hands playing Yamaha YC73 on stage
diagram illustrating Yamaha YC88 keyboard zone assignment options using Master Keyboard function

Powerful MIDI control and built-in USB audio/MIDI interface
Comprehensive MIDI control functions and the powerful Master Keyboard function make it more useful to connect and use this instrument with software synthesizers and external MIDI devices. Moreover, YC88 has a built-in class-compliant USB audio/MIDI interface, which makes for greater recording ease in home and professional studios as well as greater onstage performance power.

Manufacturer Yamaha
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power cord
Number of Keys 88
Key Action Weighted triple-sensor action with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops
Weighted Keys Hammer Weighted
Programs/Presets 6 organ sounds
139 keys sounds
80 preset live set sounds
Voices of Polyphony 128
Transpose Yes
Split Yes
Duet Mode No
Layer Yes
MIDI Control Zones 4
Effects Insert effects: 32 types
Rotary speaker: 2 types
Amp models: 4 types
Reverb: 1 type
Master EQ: 3 bands with sweepable mid
Onboard Controllers 9 organ drawbars
Control Connections 1/4" sustain footswitch input
1/4" assignable footswitch input
2 × 1/4" foot controller inputs
Half-Damper Support Yes
Audio Outputs Dual 1/4" stereo main output
Dual XLR stereo main output
1/4" stereo headphone output
Audio Inputs Dual 1/4" stereo external audio input
USB Port (to Host) MIDI, Audio, System Updates
USB Flash Drive Port (to Device) Program/Preset Storage
Drawbar Style Physical
Drawbar Sets 1 Set
Pedal Drawbars No
Leslie Output None
Reverse Key Presets No
Rotary Simulation Yes
Half Moon Switch Input No
Pedal Board Input 5-Pin MIDI In
Finish Black
Width 51.125"
Depth 14.3125"
Height 5.5625"
Product Weight 41 lb
Unique Features Powerful MIDI Master Keyboard control functions
Built-in class-compliant USB audio/MIDI interface

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