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Professional Equipment Rentals

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At Bill's Music you can rent high end, professional music equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying. Choose from our large selection of instruments and equipment by all of the industry’s top name brands including Fender, Gibson, Peavey, Line 6, JBL, Mackie, Ibanez, CF Martin, PRS, Shure, Pioneer and many more. Let our associates help you achieve a sound that will make your next party, wedding, recording session, service or other event one to remember!

guitars.pngWhether you’re playing a wedding or a rock show, with hundreds of guitars to choose from we are confident that you will find the one with the sound you desire.

Available for Rent: Acoustic – Acoustic/Electric – Bass – 12-String – Classical – Slide – Steel – Dobro – Banjo – Uke – Mandolin – Autoharp & More!

Brands: Fender, CF Martin, Ibanez, Gibson, Epiphone, Takamine, Breedlove, ESP, PRS & More!

amps.pngOur amp department is overflowing with everything from mellow sounding acoustic amps to screaming metal monsters. Just let us know the sound you are hoping to achieve and the associates in our amp department will hook you up!

Available for Rent: Electric Guitar Amps – Acoustic Guitar Amps – Bass Amps – Keyboard Amps & More!

Brands: Fender, Peavey, Vox, Marshall, Roland, Crate & More!

keyboards.pngFrom digital pianos to vintage organs we’ve got your keys covered. We will make sure you have the best sound for your recording session, show or service.

Available for Rent: Digital Pianos – Synthesizers – Workstations – Controllers - Organs & More!

Brands: Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Casio & More!

drums.pngYou can’t beat the selection of drum kits, cymbals, hand percussion, effects & snares in Bill’s drum department. Whether you’re looking for a whole set or just some unique add-ons, we’ve got it on hand.

Available for Rent: Drum Kits – Cymbals – Snares – Hand Percussion – Effects & More!

Brands: Pearl, Gretsch, DW, Latin Percussion, Zildjian, Sabian & More!

pro sound.pngGo ahead and enjoy your event, we’ve got your Live Sound covered! Whether it’s a full system you need or just some extra mics, our live sound experts will guide you through the process of choosing the right equipment for your needs.

Available for Rent: Speakers – Subwoofers – Mixers – PA Systems & More!

Brands: JBL, Peavey, Electro-Voice, Mackie & More!

mics.pngYou deserve to be heard! From hand-helds to wireless systems you will come through loud and clear when you work with one of our associates to get the right mic for your event.

Available for Rent: Wireless Systems – Live – Recording – Condensor – Dynamic & More!

Brands: Shure, Electro-Voice, Peavey, Audio Technica & More!

dj.pngDJs know the importance of using equipment you can rely on and so do we. Bill’s Music can supply you with everything you’ll need to get the party started and keep on going!

Available for Rent: CDJ’s – DJ Mixers – Speakers – CD Players & More!

Brands: Numark, Pioneer & More!

lighting.pngNow that you’ve got your performance sounding great, let’s make it look great as well! Let our lighting specialist help you create an atmosphere that your guests won’t forget.

Available for Rent: Fog Machines – Spot Lights – Moving Heads & More!

Brands: American DJ, Chauvet & More!


How long is the rental term?

Bill’s Music rents professional music equipment by the day, weekend (3-5 days) or month (30 days).

What will I need to be able to rent?

You will need to bring your valid and current State-issued ID and your credit card when you come in to rent equipment at Bill’s Music. A short rental application can be taken by phone or in-store when you’re ready to rent your equipment

How do I know what equipment I will need?

Our associates are here to guide you through the process of renting the right equipment for your event. They will ask you questions such as the nature of your event, the size of your venue, the number of people performing, etc.

Does Bill’s Music ship rental orders out of state?

Professional Sound Rentals are only available for In-Store Pickup at this time

How will I know how to operate the equipment that I rent?

When you come in to rent your musical gear, your Bill’s Music associate will be glad to go over how to operate your music gear until you feel comfortable

When can I come in to rent music gear?

You can rent musical equipment any time during regular store hours

Is there a list of rental gear with pricing?

Because our inventory is always changing, we do not have a list of the items that are available for rent. However, we will most likely have exactly what you need. We are glad to give a price quote based on your unique event. You can fill out the request form below to get a quote.

Pricing is based on:

    • The music gear you are renting
    • The length of time you will need your music gear
    • If you require delivery or if you are picking up at Bill’s Music

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