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Yamaha YBS-480 Intermediate Eb Baritone Saxophone

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A student’s size shouldn’t stop them from playing the baritone sax. The YBS-480 is easy to play and hold for players of all sizes.

Level Intermediate
Key of Eb
Bell Two-piece
Key Buttons Polyester
Finish Gold lacquer or Silver Plate
Auxiliary Keys Front F; Low A
Neck Hydro-formed 62 neck
Case Hard case; no wheels
Peg Optional
Key Posts Post-to-body construction

Improved ergonomics

Yamaha saxophone keys are designed from the player's perspective, with emphasis on comfort, speed, and overall playability. This redesigned key layout makes the baritone saxophone easier to hold and play.

Bore and neck design

With a vertically integrated bore and neck design from the YBS-62II, the instrument responds like a professional horn.

Improved intonation

A shorter bell helps center the challenging intonation of the baritone saxophone's lowest notes.

Detachable peg (optional)

Help support the weight of the baritone saxophone with an optional detachable peg.

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