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Tama WL52BK RDC Starworks 5-Piece Limited Edition Drum Set - Red Chaos - New Old Stock (d)

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Assembled display model. NR-Mint condition with a few minor scratches. Displayed in loft with no play.

This pack is new/old stock display model and includes a full 100% Tama manufacture's warranty! The set is in mint condition with a couple of minor scratches. This set is displayed in our loft with no access to customers!

  • Manufacture's Description:

    A much needed new face in the crowd. Tama's Starworks Series offers 100% Premium Birch Shells with 7-ply 7mm Bass Drums, and 6-ply 6mm Toms and Snare Drums. 

    Features include Graphic Bass Drum Heads, unique finishe with black shell hardware, new suspended tom mount, and newly designed lugs.
  • This WL52BK 5-piece drum set includes:

    18"x22" Bass Drum with Tom Mount
    8"x10" Tom
    9"x12" Tom
    14"x16" Floor Tom
    5.5"x14" Snare Drum
    MTH600BK Black Double Tom Holder
    HC72WN Roadpro Straight Cymbal Stand
    HC73BWN Roadpro Straight/Boom Convertible Cymbal Stand
    HP200 Iron Cobra Jr. Power Glide Single Bass Drum Pedal
    HS70WN Roadpro Swivel Snare Stand with Escape Claws
    HH75W Roadpro Tripod Hi Hat Stand with Footboard Angle Adjustment.

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