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Alesis Strike Amp 8 2000-watt 1x8 inch Drum Amplifier

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Alesis Strike Amp 8 2000-watt 1x8 inch Drum Amplifier

2,000-watt Personal Drum Monitor with 8" Woofer, HF Driver, and XLR-1/4" Combo Inputs

2,000-watt Personal Drum Monitor and Stage Reproduction System

Get the most out of your hybrid or electronic drum setup, onstage and in practice, with the Alesis Strike Amp 8. This 2000-watt personal drum monitor serves up beefy kicks, punchy snares, enveloping toms, and detailed cymbals and FX courtesy of its punchy two-way 8" speaker system. Sound reproduction remains extremely clean and full, even at loud volumes, able to keep up with a full band or an acoustic drum kit for greater realism and kit integration. And thanks to its versatile wedge or pole-mounted design, you can run a pair of Strike Amp 8s as your stereo monitor rig or beam them directly out to your listeners without hogging much of the stage. Whether you play an Alesis Strike or other electronic drum kit, get the amplification you need with the Alesis Strike Amp 8 personal drum monitor

Alesis Strike Amp 8 Features:

  • Compact personal drum monitor and amplification system
  • Loads of output in a small package
  • Serves up beefy kicks, punchy snares, and detailed cymbals and FX
  • Powerful two-way active speaker system with 8" woofer and high-frequency driver
  • Delivers a whopping 2,000 watts of peak power
  • Clarity and headroom at all listening levels
  • Molded side handles for easy transport
  • Dual XLR-1/4" line-level combo inputs with level controls
  • XLR output for daisy-chains
  • Contour switch dips mids for a more sculpted response

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