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Security & Maintenance Coverage for School Band Season

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Security and Maintenance Coverage (SMC):  This program is optional but recommended. Your instrument will be covered under the terms of SMC provided that you "Add to Cart" this option prior to your Online Checkout. You do not have to purchase the SMC program. However, if you choose to do so and remain current on your rental and SMC payments, you will not be responsible for theft, damage or destruction of the instrument, subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of this paragraph:

If the instrument is stolen, you must furnish Bill's Music with a police report showing forced entry within 72 hours of the theft. The SMC does not apply to mysterious disappearance from any school, band or orchestra room or locker, or to any theft in which breaking and entering is not a factor. If damage occurs or repair is required, Bill's Music will repair the instrument at no cost to you. Damage to or repair of the finish, reeds, strings, case, drumheads, sticks, rosin, or instrument mouthpiece is not included. Damage caused by your, or the student's willful act or negligence is not included. Bill's Music may give you a free loaner instrument if available if the instrument will be in the repair shop for 2 weeks or more. Bill's Music will not replace the instrument if it is destroyed and payments made prior to the date of loss or damage are not refundable or transferable. The SMC becomes void if you are in default of this Agreement. If you claim a loss under the SMC, Bill's Music is subrogated to all of your rights, claims, and remedies due to the loss of the instrument, including your rights of any recoveries under any insurance policies you have and you will sign any documents Bill's Music may request to this effect.

Shipping: If you must return your instrument to Bill's Music for a repair under the SMC policy, you are responsible to pay any shipping charges incurred to send it in and Bill's Music will pay the shipping charges to send it back to you.

Maintenance and Repair: Bill's Music is responsible for maintaining the instrument in good working condition while it is being rented, except for any damages caused by you or your student's willful act or negligence. If the instrument is damaged or otherwise needs repair due to your or your student's negligence or willful or wanton misconduct, renter agrees to pay Bill's Music a minimum repair fee of $49. Bill's Music's repair obligation does not include the finishes, cases, strings, speakers, reeds, drum sticks, drum heads, bow hair, rosin, bridges, brass and woodwind mouthpieces, neck straps, ligatures and caps. ALL REPAIRS MUST BE DONE BY A BILL'S MUSIC REPAIR TECHNICIAN OR A TECHNICIAN THAT BILL'S MUSIC APPROVES.

Liability for Loss or Damage: You are responsible for loss, theft, damage or destruction of the instrument from all causes, including fire, except for normal wear and tear while it is in your possession. You are liable for the lesser of either the fair market value of the instrument or the Early Purchase Option (EPO) price on the date of loss

If you have a band instrument that needs attention, feel free to call us at 410-747-1900