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EMG SAV/SAV/85 Strat Guitar Pickup Set - BLACK

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EMG SAV/SAV/85 Strat Replacement Pickup Set - Black

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Back in the early 80's the idea to add a humbucking pickup to a Stratocaster® caught fire. In response to that demand EMG released two pre-wired combination systems, the SA/SA/81 and the SA/SA/85. Since then EMG added just about every conceivable combination you can think of, and they're all available factory pre-wired. Once you've decided on the system you want, it can either be fully or partially assembled depending on how your guitar is setup. Since all EMG's use the Quik-Connect system you can change your system at any time without any soldering.

Package Includes: EMG-SAV Strat Pickups (2) and EMG-85 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup (1), EMG's exclusive Quik-ConnectTM cables (3), prewired control set including volume, 2 tone controls, 5-way selection switch (black & white knobs), output jack, and battery clip, screws & springs (for sets with EMG-89, substitute push/pull control for volume control).

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