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Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica - C

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Golden Melody Harmonica - C

  • Tuned to key of C; also available in other major keys, lower and higher octave, and minor tunings
  • The Golden Melody harmoica the only diatonic model tuned to equal temperament, making it a favorite with jazz harpists who need to play in tune with other instruments in all positions
  • The beautiful pure tone sets it apart and makes it the ideal harmonica for single note solo playing
  • Features 20 brass reeds, 0.9 mm brass reed plates, equal temperment to insure in-tune playing in all positions, a retro design with full-length stainless steel cover plates, and a durable plastic comb for reliable performance under all climate conditions
  • Bundle includes Hohner Carrying Case, Pouch, Exclusive Austin Bazaar Harmonica Beginner Manual, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

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