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Kala Mahogany Series KA-TE Tenor Ukulele with EQ

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MSRP: $254.99
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* 17" Tenor scale (Distance from nut to saddle)
* 26-3/8" Overall body length
* 11-3/4" Body length
* 6-3/4" Upper bout
* 9" Lower bout
* 5-1/4" Waist
* 3-1/8" Body depth
* 1-3/8" at nut
* Mahogany body
* Traditional white binding
* 19 Silver nickel frets
* Fret position marks at 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets on neck and top of fingerboard
* Rosewood fingerboard and bridge
* Mahogany neck
* Chrome die-cast sealed geared tuners
* Lightweight active shadow NANO-FLEX EQ system

At Bill's Music, we give private Uke lessons and the first thing the instructor will probably teach you is -- spell it right!! Ukulele may be one of the easiest instruments to play, but one one of the hardest to spell! If you searched for Ukelele, or Ukalele you are not alone. The most common misspelling, "Ukelele" returns about one hundred thousand responses on search engines! Just remember Ukulele has 2 U's and 2 E's and you'll be just fine! Of course, we don't care how you spell it, we just want to help you learn to play it!