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Audio Technica ATW1101L Lavalier Wireless System

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Get into affordable digital wireless with Audio-Technica's ATW-1101/L System 10 wireless lavalier unit. These hi-fi digital systems operate with advanced 24-bit operation in the 2.4GHz range. System 10 gear is perfect for MI/live performance, fixed installation, public address, A/V rental houses, and places of worship. It offers true-diversity operation, easy setup, automatic frequency scanning with interference-free performance, and all the advantages of a high-quality, professional wireless system at an extremely affordable price.

At the touch of a button, Audio-Technica's ATW-1101/L System 10 wireless units automatically determine and set the best available frequency (open channel). This is particularly useful when employing multiple wireless systems, thereby avoiding interference and intermodulation. When there is a need to utilize multiple wireless systems simultaneously, up to eight channels/units may be used together without any frequency coordination problems or group selection issues. An easy-to-read LCD information display provides convenient visual indications of settings and operation status.

Affordable digital wireless unit
Includes an Audio-Technica MT830cw lavalier mic
Clear sound quality and rock-solid, dependable performance
Advanced 24-bit operation in the 2.4GHz range
Automatic frequency scanning finds an open channel at the touch of a button
True-diversity operation selects the better signal from the 2 receiver sections, reducing dropouts
Up to 8 units can be used together simultaneously
Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" output jacks enable use with a wide variety of audio gear
Ground-lift switch helps eliminate audible hum caused by ground loops between the sound system and receiver