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Steve Parezo: Drums and Percussion


Let a Hall of Fame Drummer Show You How to Play!

Name: Steve Parezo

Instruments taught: Snare Drum, Drum Set, Various Percussion Instruments

Rate: $28 per 1/2 hr., $50 per hour

Ages taught: 6 and up * A 'trial lesson' is recommended for students age 5 to assess readiness

Other instruments played: Bongos, Congas, Timbales, Tympani, Hand-held percussion instruments

Teaching since: 2000

Teaching at Bill’s since: 2014 as substitute drum instructor

Experience playing music: Over 25 years of professional drumming, recording and touring experience

Bands played in: Currently play drums with Cruise (classic rock) and Saving Sgt. Pepper (Beatles).  Currently playing as a member of Gene Vincentt & The Cadillac Cruisers

Genres of music taught: Rock, Funk, R&B, Country, Jazz & Pop

Education: BS in Journalism, Twelve years of private drum instruction

Recitals: Yes!

Personal teaching style/philosophy: Help students maximize their drumming skills by improving hand-eye coordination, developing sound counting and site reading skills and honing precise sticking and bass drum playing techniques. Prepare students for band auditions, competitions and live performances.

Drum Lessons Are Good for Your Health!

By Stephen Parezo

Taking drum lessons can benefit students of all ages. Not only is it a healthy physical workout for your entire body but also very beneficial for your brain. Research studies suggest that drumming improves cognitive functioning especially as you age.

Here are some of the many positive effects of playing drums:

  • Increased self-esteem: Drumming helps kids “fit in” with their peers in school since it’s considered ”cool” to be a drummer.
  • Better attentiveness & perseverance: Site reading drum charts and counting notation helps students become better drummers since their attention span grows as they work to complete assigned exercises.
  • More enjoyment & creativity: Students find it quite rewarding to provide a steady beat for their school band or music group. They know that audience members are hand-clapping and foot-tapping because their drumming energy made the difference.
  • Better study habits=better grades: Since drummers need to practice often to increase their proficiency, they learn to boost their concentration and reading comprehension skills, which in turn leads to better academic success.
  • Greater dexterity & coordination: Through consistent practice, drummers find that they are able to move their fingers, hands, wrists, arms, legs and feet with increased flexibility. They learn to achieve independence of their limbs while playing different rhythmic patterns at the same time.

Master Drummer Stephen Parezo has been teaching at Bill’s Music since 2015. He is a member of Baltimore-based Gene Vincentt & The Cadillac Cruisers.