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Stan Freeman: Woodwind and Recorder


Name: Stan Freeman

Instruments taught: Recorder, Clarinet, Beginning Flute, Alto / Tenor / Baritone / Soprano Saxophone

Availability: Thursdays, 4pm - 9pm

Rate: $25 per 1/2 hour, $45 per hour

Ages taught: 8 and up

Other instruments played: Yamaha WX11 Wind Controller Synthesizer, Yamaha WX5 Wind Controller Synthesizer, Akai EWI5000 Wireless Electronic Wind Instrument

Teaching Experience: Teaching general music and instrumental music (Band and Orchestra) in the Baltimore City Schools since 1995 to present. Teaching at the B-Sharp Summer Music Enrichment Academy since 2010.

Teaching at Bill’s since: August 2016

Experience playing music: David “Stan” Freeman is a product of Baltimore City Public Schools. He began playing music in the third grade with the song flute and continued throughout elementary school playing the clarinet. He was introduced to the tenor saxophone and jazz at Garrison Middle School. And at Northwestern High School, was introduced to the Orchestra and Big Band Jazz. Attending college at Morgan State University as a music major, Mr. Freeman studied the clarinet, flute, saxophones, oboe and the bassoon, performed in the marching band, performed in the jazz band and concert band, sang in the Morgan Choir, and performed in musical theater. Forming a rhythm and blues band at MSU called “Black Myca”, he performed with and opened for many famous recording groups like The Ohio Players, Parliament, Graham Central Station, Roy Ayers, and Earth, Wind and Fire. 

Bands/Orchestras played in: Morgan State University Jazz Ensembles, New Antioch Baptist Church Easter Sunday Orchestra, Music Ministry Band at Calvary Baptist Church, The Extensions of Faith Praise Choir

Genres of music taught: Classical, Jazz, R&B, Show Tunes, Rock

Education: Morgan State University Collage (Music Ed. Major) Mr. Freeman earned a BA Degree in Early Childhood, Education from Sojourner/Douglass College in Baltimore.

Personal teaching style/philosophy: "Everyone has music inside of them. Never stifle creativity."