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Mikey Smith


Name: Mikey Smith

Email: Click here to email Mikey@billsmusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: 1998

Areas of Expertise: Pro Sound & Recording, Microphones, Guitars, and Amps.

Instruments played: Tuba and guitar

Musical Background: Mikey began his musical career in his middle school band playing the tuba. Since then he has taught himself guitar and has played in numerous bands. Mikey also handles all of the Sound Consultant projects at Bill's Music.

Years of Experience Playing music: Over 25 years

Bands played in:Bastard Squad, Goon Squad, Mob Town Kings, Bagshots, and many more!

We want to hear from you! Customer Reviews:

Met Mikey Smith today. He helped me try on 4 or 5 different acoustic electrics. It was a bit of a tough decision for me but Mikey gave me a lot of info about the differences of each one. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. I chose one of the Breedloves. It's a perfect fit for how I play. ~ Brian C.

Mikey is what real salespeople should be in every respect. I've been shopping at Bill's for 34 years and I usually get someone that knows what they're doing. Mikey is the one I seek out first though. ~ Mike M.

I've worked with Mikey several times and he's always been great to work with. ~ James A.

Mikey: Thanks so much my friend. I think because of your help and expertise, I got the very best set up for me, and it cost less than a Bose L1 and sounded better! ~ Joe M.

Mikey has been my sales representative several times throughout the past. He has always been helpful. And, I always went home with just the perfect items! ~ Mimi R.

Mikey is the BEST sales representative because he knows the products very well and he listens to the customer and is able to make excellent recommendations that meet the customer's needs. ~ Brian C.

Mr. Mikey is such a wonderful man. As a matter of fact, he is the best. He is a great asset to your company. There are not enough stars for him. I go to him for everything and will recommend him to anyone! ~ DeVon

He was all of the above. Always helpful and makes it his job to be certain that the product you are purchasing is the product that you need. ~ Sean

Mikey answered my questions and concerns prior to driving roughly 2 hours to get there. He was extremely knowledgeable about your products. He assisted me in a very professional manner, making me feel comfortable that he was not just out for a sale. He wanted me to get the right equipment that I was seeking. He did an outstanding job and I will recommend him to every play that I know. Keep guys like Mikey around and you will not find any disappointed buyers. ~ Steve Z.

I explained our school's need to Mr. Smith, and he recommended a speaker system that works out very well for our school. He was professional, but friendly, and provided excellent service. ~ Theresa M.

Patient, funny, and extremely professional... Mikey was amazing! ~ Alec

Mikey is very helpful, and the things he can't answer he will find out and get back to you as soon as he can. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!! ~ Rico

Very helpful and knew his stuff. I will be back. Everything I have bought has been as described and the staff has been amazing. Love it, it’s like a treasure hunt every time I come in. They got me financed on a guitar to help rebuild my credit. Could not ask for better people. ~ Lawrence W.

Mikey is One Cool Guy ~ John H.

Your employee Mikey was a true professional. He greatly helped me out with my purchase and all my questions that I had. Very impressed with the helpful service and class I was shown. Thanks for everything. ~ Russell B.

I've been a patron of Bill's for a long time; I started going there when I was a kid with my Dad and continued going there as an adult musician.  The main reason I go there is because of salespeople such as Mikey.  When I go to a music store I am less interested in who has the lowest price or best sale because music gear fluctuates, and good music gear is never cheap and cheap gear is never good.  So when I'm ready to lay down my hard earned money for awesome things I want an awesome person to talk to and deal with me in a real fashion; someone who plays music and has the earnestness of a real musician - this is Mikey.  Also, Bill's is a dying breed of locally owned, small businesses that it is important to support.  Ron in the back will set your guitar up like a champ as well - I will always bring my guitars to Ron for a set-up.  Other notable salespeople are Matt and Tim, both great guys that actually care about musicians and not just about making a buck. Go to Bill's and have a conversation with Mikey and you'll come back to this review and say, yup. ~ David D.

Came in to have a professional person to look at my church sound system. Mikey came and put the system back in order with recommendations down the line. I thank him for all of his help. ~ Leo Brown

Mikey did not try to sell me the most expensive he sold me exactly what I needed and took the time to listen to how the sound system was to be used. I am a street performer, magician not a musician so my needs were a little different.  Mikey was great. ~ David B.