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Jim Mays


Areas of Expertise: Pro Sound, Guitar and Bass, Drums, Brass and Woodwind
Instruments played: Guitar and bass
Musical Background: "Performing live."
Years of Experience Playing music: Forty-Four
Bands played in:The Ebb Tides, The Koffee Beans, The Shadows, The Silver Dollar Band, The Crystalaires, and the Dixie Wind Band

We want to hear from you! Customer Reviews:

Hey Jim! I came into the store on Tuesday and bought a mandolin from you for my boyfriend Sam for his birthday. I just wanted to let you know that he LOVED the mandolin...I don't even think he's put it down since I gave it to him. I sent him to Bill's today to buy a case. :) Thanks again for all of your help and advice! I am definitely coming back to Bill's again! ~ Laura K.

Jim, Thank you for the follow-up, much appreciated. I love the look and feel of the Highway One with that satin nitro finish… looking forward to playing it for years to come. I will certainly return to Bill’s for future music needs. Again, thank you for your time. ~ Michael D.

Jim, Thanks for the follow up on my recent purchase of a few Effects pedals! We had 2 great shows in Philly over the weekend and the new pedals were a great edition! Thanks Again!! ~ Joe I.

Jim, Thank you very much for all your help. I work in the customer service industry as well. I know that good customer service is hard to find. Even when found, it is not always appreciated. I must extend my appreciation to you, and your store for its readiness and willingness to give my band and I the help that we needed. It was a pleasure to do business at your store. Before now, I mostly did business with Guitar Center. I happened to have a terrible customer service experience with them recently. This experience compelled me to look for other companies, offering similar merchandise. I am very happy with Bill's. When I would go in Guitar Center, I got treated like I was some "punk" kid just there to mess with equipment and not actually buy anything. It was totally the opposite with your store! Bill's Music has secured my business as well as the business of the other 5 members of my band. ~ Ian R.

Hey Jim, Thanks for the follow up!! I love this guitar!!!! Worth every penny man! I need to bring it in for some setup. Thanks! ~ Matt

Jim was very, very helpful to me. I have been dealing with Bill's for quite a number of years. As of yet, I have NO complaints. I have recommended several people to Bill's. I have gotten nothing but positive responses from them. ~ William L.

Jim, thanks for wonderful service. When I step into your doors, I'm going to be served with respect and given time to browse at my leisure. I always, and stress ALWAYS, find what I'm looking for. I might have to sacrifice cost, but compared to large chains, Bill's senior staff NEVER FAILS ME! Jim, along with Lou, both have never turned away a possible sale, even if I was a young looking punk. ~ Matthew M.

Jim Mays is great. I have been going to him for over 25 years! ~ Dave T.

Jim took straight to the best starter set they had. There was no pressure and no upsell. He also showed me used options within the same price range. I am extremely happy with the drums I purchased. From now on, I will never make a major musical purchase without visiting Bills. ~ Matt W.

My shopping experience with Jim was everything I expected it to be and more, Jimmy is awesome!!! I believe that for the 40 years Jim Mays has been at Bill's, his expertise and friendly way of doing business has been a tremendous asset to this family-owned business. He truly is a class-act that all others in Bill's employ should want to emulate. Thank you for your support & professional demeanor in assisting me with all my professional music needs throughout my life! ~ Gregory W.

Thanks for your email and assistance with my purchase at Bill's. I felt comfortable and supported with the knowledge and advice you gave me about my audio equipment needs. I am very glad that I decided to visit Bill's in Catonsville, even though there is another music store 3 minutes from my house! Your customer service was great. All the best and I look forward to visiting the store again in the future. ~ BJW

Jim could not do enough to help me out. I was happy to part with my cash during the purchase. He really went above and beyond my expectations! ~ R. Davis

The whole staff was amazing. I am working on rebuilding my credit and Jim made it work. Katie was also a big help online. It's great to see customer service like this! I love my new Jackson. Sounds amazing. They put the strings I wanted on it at no extra charge and set the guitar up for me. Also the tech followed up with me and explained the Floyd Rose set up. Truly amazing! I have been there maybe 4 times now and it’s just a blast going in because it’s like a treasure hunt every time. I found a Mandobird there last visit, I don't play mandolin but I think I’m going to buy it. Just such a unique selection and fun items. Jim hooked me up. ~ Lawrence W.

It is always a pleasure doing business at Bill’s. The sales staff is very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help you. Bill and family run a true down-home store. Jim Mays is a good salesperson and manager. A full service store. EXCELLENT guitar repair department, Ron is a top of the line repair guy! Hours are good and special orders are never a problem, if a sales person doesn’t know they will find out. ~ Theresa K.

Have been dealing with Jim (also Lou) for over 20 years. They are always top notch and ready with a warm greeting and will work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the product and make suggestions of other items that are either better or will give the same or surpass the service of the item you are looking for if it happens not to be available. ~ Jay M.

I have dealt with Jim and Lou for over 20 years and have always been treated with the utmost respect as a person and a fellow musician. ~ Jay M.