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DIMARZIO DP112 Pre B-1 Tele Bridge Pickup, Black

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Product Description


There are two kinds of Tele players: country pickers for whom twang is king (DiMarzio won't make Twang King pickups for nothing, right?), and players of blues and rock who need less high-end snap and more low-end muscle. The Pre B-1 maintains a lot of the basic character of the Tele bridge position, but the sound is bigger. It can still cut through a mix, but it will fill more space, as well. It also has about 25% more power than a stock Tele bridge pickup. That means thicker overdrive and more sustain from your favorite tube amp. Recommended For: Standard Tele bridge position. Tech Talk: Telecasters may seem very basic, but the differences in maple and rosewood fingerboards, body woods and even bridge and saddle materials mean there are a lot of different-sounding axes around, and some of them are very piercing. Rolling the tone down can turn the sound to mud. The Pre B-1 attacks the problem by fattening up the highs and boosting the mids and lows. DiMarzio has left the traditional bottom plate off - the Pre B-1 was designed to work without it.

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