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Brett Bothe: Drums and Percussion


Name: Brett Bothe

Instruments taught: Drum Kit, Snare, some hand percussion 

Availability: Thursdays 5-9pm

Rate: $28 per ½ hour

Ages Taught:  All ages

Teaching at Bill’s since: 2004

Experience playing music: Started taking lessons, playing drums and shopping at Bill’s Music at age 12...and never looked back.

Bands played in:  

Too many garage bands to name them all.

Notable acts are Ramblewood boys (southern rock/jam), KOE (prog rock/funk, think chili peppers), Keith Decker Trio (funk/jazz), Marching Ravens (uh, marching band), We are Stone Mason (classic & alt rock), Soul Island Rebels (Funk/Rock), Jeremy Gilless trio (classic rock/pop), Dive Bombs (rockabilly/Surf).

Genres of music taught: Counting, reading, sticking and independence techniques which will apply to almost any genre.

Music Education: The one and onlyChuck Ferrell 

Personal teaching style/philosophy: Every student is different. Keep it fun, interesting and challenging. 

Personal Musical Influences: Dennis Chambers, Danny Carey, Jon Fishman, Carter Beauford.