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PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings - .012-.052 Heavy

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Reinforced Ball End for Great Durability

The PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings are made with a reformulated nickel alloy that produces a louder and brighter tone than other strings. We know that tremolo bridges break strings; that's just a fact. These strings have a specially soldered ball end that's as break-resistant as it gets. Each nickel-plated plain string is drawn through high-quality dies while the bass strings' steel hex core is computer wound with a nickel wrap. This winding technique's pinpoint accuracy results in a comfortable playing tension and bright tone. With the soldered ball end and upgraded nickel alloy winding, PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings will sound incredible and still stand up to tons of bending and hard playing without any trouble.

Perfect for high impact players

PRS has produced the Signature series to be extremely high-quality strings that players love for their durability and tone. If you've used a tremolo before, you know the pain of having a string break during a dive-bomb return or an especially hard tug on your trem bar. Thankfully, that's now a thing of the past. PRS's innovative pre-soldered ball-end strings are engineered to break less often than traditionally wrapped strings. If you use and abuse your tremolo system, these strings are for you.

PRS Signature Electric Guitar Strings — Heavy Features:

  • Reformulated alloys add extra brightness and volume
  • Soldered ball ends extend string life
  • Nickel-plated steel-wrapped strings stand up to intense playing
  • Corrosion resistant packaging keeps strings fresh
  • PRS Signature Heavy set, 0.012–.052

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