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Roland V-Piano w/ KS-V8 stand

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Product Description

Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and "world's first" products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary "V" series: V-Accordion®, V-Bass, V-Drums®, V-Guitar, and V-Synth®. Today, Roland proudly announces the next chapter in the V legacy...the V-Piano. Throw away all preconceived notions of what a digital piano was and is. This instrument changes everything. 


  • Revolutionary "living" piano core that breaks the digital-sampling barrier in a stand-alone instrument
  • Stunning pianos onboard, from grand-piano classics to never-before-heard futuristic hybrids
  • All pianos are customizable
  • Newly-developed 88-note PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement
  • Analog (XLR and 1/4") outputs, digital output (coaxial), USB Memory port and MIDI I/O

Breaking Barriers 
The V-Piano soars above the limitations of past technologies with its revolutionary "living" piano core, allowing every note to respond and evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly without requiring samples. With the V-Piano, there is no velocity switching, and it provides a smooth, natural decay that must be heard to be believed. 

Create Your Dream Collection 
With the V-Piano, you can choose from beautifully crafted vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection. Vary the hardness of the virtual hammer felts. Experiment with exotic string configurations and tunings. Put a world-famous grand under your fingertips or play a futuristic piano that has never been heard before. 

New PHA-III Ivory Feel Keyboard 
Even the most demanding pianist will appreciate the V-Piano's new PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This advanced keyboard technology reproduces the real feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps, and provides a true grand-piano touch and response. Even the subtle click feel when the "hammer" is released from the key (escapement) is reproduced. 

Friendly Complexity 
High technology doesn't have to equate to high complexity for the pianist. With its clean control panel and logically designed user interface, the V-Piano is amazingly fast and friendly to navigate. Even deep-level editing is easy to access and understand. You'll be customizing and creating new sounds within minutes of first touching the instrument. 


  • Keyboard: 88 keys PHA III (Progressive Hammer Action III) Ivory feel Keyboard with Escapement)
  • Maximum number of tone-producing virtual strings264-string (varies according to the sound generator load)
  • Tones: Preset - 24 Tones, User - 100 Tones
  • Setups 100
  • V-Piano editing parameters: Unison Tune, Hammer Hardness, Cross Resonance, Tone Color, String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Soundboard Resonance, Key off resonance, Damping Time, Damping Noise Level and more
  • EffectsAmbiance: 12 types, 4-band Digital Equalizer
  • Parts: 16
  • Parts: Maximum
  • Polyphony: 128 voices
  • Tones: 256 Tones
  • Playable File Format: Standard MIDI File - format-0/1, Audio File - WAV, MP3
  • Recording Format: Standard MIDI File - format-0
  • Number of Recording Tracks: 1 track (realtime recording)
  • Note Capacity: approx. 30,000 notes
  • Control: Play/Stop, Backward, Forward, Tempo Change, Transpose, Center Cancel (only for audio playback)
  • Tempo: Quarter note = 10 to 500, Audio Playback Speed: 75 to 125%
  • Resolution: 120 ticks per quarter note
  • Metronome Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8, Volume - 11 levels
  • Song Length: Max 998 measures
  • Display: 240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
  • Controllers: Volume knob, Ambience knob
  • Pedal: Damper (half-pedal recognition), Soft (half-pedal recognition, function assignable), Sostenuto (function assignable)
  • Internal Memory: 4M bytes
  • Other Functions: Panel Lock, V-Link
  • Connectors: Output A (L/MONO, R standard), Output A (L, R XLR), Output B (L/MONO, R standard), Output B (L, R XLR), Input(L/MONO, R standard), Piano Pedal, Damper Pedal, Control Pedal (FC1, FC2), MIDI (IN, OUT, THRU), USB (MIDI, Memory, For Update), Digital Audio Out (Coaxial), Headphones, AC Inlet
  • Power Supply: AC 100V, AC 117V, AC 230V or AC 240V(50/60Hz), AC 220V (60Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 27W
  • Accessories: Owner's manual, CD-ROM (Editor), Piano Pedal, USB Cable, Power Cord

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