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Rob Zwick


Name: Rob Zwick

Email: Click here to email Rob Zwick at: Rob@BillsMusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: 2017

Areas of Expertise: Guitar, Amps, and Drums

Years of Experience Playing music: 11 Years

Bands/Venues played in: Played at what used to be the Recher Theater in Towson, Baltimore Soundstage, as well as several bars and smaller venues.

Favorite piece of musical gear I own: My Ibanez S470dxqm played through my Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Line 6 POD HD500 and Fender Mustang GT100

Piece of gear I wish I owned: Either a Music Man Majesty, or a custom made Mayones Regius 6

Musical artists I am inspired by: My play style is heavily influenced by progressive metal and math rock artists such as Mark Holcomb from Periphery, John Petrucci from Dream Theater, and Mario Camarena from CHON

Real Customer Reviews:

"I have been going to Bills for about 15 years.  In the beginning to just look around.  I the last 2 years I have purchased 2 guitars (one new and one pre-owned) and both times I have had great assistance from staff (Rob & Ernesto) who were very helpful, knowledgeable and never pushy.  
Every week for over a year I have been taking guitar lessons. When I went in I asked for someone who was good with frustrated adults who want to learn.  They paired me with Jeremy Gillis and it has been a pleasure.  He understands what I want to accomplish, what I want to learn and the pace and limitations that I have playing.
Overall this is a family owned business that should be considered as a Catonsville landmark and a source of pride.  Their knowledge and care about their clients is always evident ." - David S.