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PJ Benedetta

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Name: P.J. Benedetta

Email: Click here to email PJ@billsmusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: November 2006

Areas of Expertise: Recording, Microphones, Guitars, Live Sound, Amps, and Basses

Instruments played: Guitar, bass, and clarinet (grade school)

Musical Background: Two years live sound engineer, guitar for 9 years, been in various bands for seven years, recording engineer for two years

Years of Experience Playing music: 12 years

Bands played in:Principals List and the Brassholes, Stones Overturned, The Revived, Cornerstone Church Band, and Alive Church Band

We want to hear from you! Customer Reviews:

"I had a very good experience at Bill’s Music.  I feel lucky that P J was the person I approached to ask for help. I can not find any fault in how he interacted with me.  I found P J to be kind and non judgmental.  For example, he perceived my unease in testing out a guitar for tone and feel, so he demonstrated two guitars for me.  His very demeanor helped me relax. 

I knew that I wanted a PRS.  I had done my homework.  I asked P J to show me the SE A50 E. He did, after grabbing one from the back, and he then demonstrated the sound for me.  Good.  Just like I heard on You Tube. 

I knew the next model up, the SE A60 E, had also gotten good reviews.  P J was happy to pull one right out of the box and bring it out to me.  Again he demonstrated the tone.  To my ear, it was better than the first. 

PJ then answered my technical questions about the specifications.  At that point I told him I would take it, the more expensive model, that is the A60.  Paying him was easy, and I was on my way, a happy guy, with a new guitar.

I can not say enough about the maturity P J displayed, and the understanding which he showed me." ~Bill A.

"Bill, it was great meeting you and PJ was great to work with!  PA system tested great. Can't wait to put it in use in my next gig! Thanks for reaching out! Wishing you the best!" ~ Fred A.

Thank you PJ I sure recognized your professional attitude and service and will definitely be doing more business with you. ~ Maurice F.

I love my new guitar. Thanks for you and all the staff's help. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. ~ Francis B.

Thanks, great experience. PJ I love for you to serve me. You have always shown an excellent spirit. God bless you. ~ Pastor C. Weston-RCC

Thanks PJ. You were great in showing me the differences between the Hammond SK1 and the Yamaha MOxf6 which I ultimately purchased. After having a few days the play with the Yamaha, I am very happy with the purchase and the Jazzy1 patch on the Yamaha sounds really close to the traditional Hammond. You might want to consider carrying a line of light duty ATA cases. I purchased a "Roadie" case on line through Amazon for $179.00 with free shipping to fit the Yamaha. I would have bought an item like this from you if you had carried a similar item. The semi rigid case with soft sides I felt didn't provide a lot of protection from a side blow. Overall my experience with you and Bill's Music was great which is why Bill's has been my first stop for over 40 years. Sheesh.....I’m getting old, but still rockin. Thanks. ~ Al

PJ is just Awesome!!  For Years I've been a Bills Music Customer and EVERY TIME I come in it's because of the Great Customer service that I receive from PJ. He's a True Asset to Bills Music. He is always on point to answer all of my questions and he is very knowlegable regarding the new gear or equipment that I am interested in purchasing. I've been a Professional Musician for about 20 years now . So I have trusted and valued his opinion when up grading my equipment. As you can imagine, I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of gear from PJ over the years and he has never stirred me in the wrong direction. Not once. So Great Job PJ, please keep up the Great Customer service as some of us really appreciate that part it Bills Music. I just wished you had more employees who understood that one component of Business. ~ Sincerely, Vance Wilkerson a very satisfied customer.

PJ was fantastic! He made incredible suggestions and helped me pick out a guitar I couldn't be happier about. This was the single greatest purchasing experience of my life! Seriously, PJ was professional, knowledgeable, personable, humble, fun, and really made my decision easy. I'll definitely be back to see him for future purchases. Thanks again! ~ Kristin B.

PJ very quickly made clear what options were available in-store, and made me feel comfortable that I was getting a good product at a great price. Overall, definitely a top-tier customer service interaction, starting on the phone and continuing in-store. ~ Ricky G.

As a woman purchasing a resonator for my husband I had no clue!  PJ was super friendly and courteous.  His knowledge helped me to make a informed & quality choice.  I'm sure my husband will enjoy this guitar for many years to come.  Thank you PJ for making this purchase painless!  ~ Christina S.

Hey PJ, Thanks for getting back to me man, yeah so far all is good...I may come and see you next Monday if I can get in before my band practice, if not maybe the following Monday. Again thanks for your help, really enjoyed talking to you and for all your knowledge and advise on these guitars....such a great change from the mostly clueless crew over at Guitar Center. I filled out your survey and told your boss to give you a raise!.... Hope to see you again soon, hell maybe even have a beer! ~ Ed

Hey PJ, I received your e-mail and I just want to let you know that I love the uke and as always my experience at Bill's was a great one! Look forward to doing business again with you soon! Thanks! ~ Angelo

PJ - Just a quick note of thanks for working with me on my rack/cable snafu - I loaded the GigRac into the SKB today, and it is exactly right. Thanks so much for helping to make it happen - it is a perfect solution. ~ Ellis W.

PJ was very helpful in picking out the right item. You had what I needed. I had visited Guitar Center first (closer to my home) and they did not have what I needed. ~ Steve P.

I appreciate the fact that Bill's was willing to price-match Guitar Center for the Roland I wanted to buy. I prefer dealing with independent stores to the big chains, and price-matching is the best way Bill's will maintain my business. Thanks. ~ Matt R.

PJ always goes the extra mile for me, and I am thankful for his commitment. ~ Kevin O.

PJ actually seemed interested in helping myself and other folks I witnessed. ~ Carroll B.

Couldn’t be happier, PJ is a huge asset to Bill’s; give this guy a raise RIGHT NOW! ~ Ed L.

P.J. was very personable and very informative when discussing our options relative the trombone. He was very knowledgable and answered all questions thoroughly. ~ S. Dixon

He is a class act! I’ve been coming there for over 30+ years. ~ Ted S.

Very good. The horn is in excellent shape and speaks freely, a quality of the Holton H180. I am please with the transaction! ~ Mark K.

Dear PJ - Thanks man for that outstanding review of the Mesa rectoverb. I looked everywhere on the web for something worth a damn, and your review was spot on! Thank you for the efforts. you helped me quite a bit. I'll be back just to see what else you are reviwing! Best regards! ~Greg S

very helpful and patient often their are customers who want certain things but have no real prior experience that's where Bills come in they can give you a sense of direction and that way you don't fell so lost and that little confidence goes a long way thanks a lot ~ Tony B.