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Joe Martone: Bass, Upright Bass & Ukulele


Name: Joe Martone

Instruments taught: Bass, Upright Bass and Ukulele

Rate: $25 per ½ hour, $45 per hour

Ages taught:  Guitar - 7 and up   * A 'trial lesson' is recommended for students ages 5 & 6 to assess readiness
                     Ukulele - 5 and up  * A 'trial lesson' is recommended for students age 4 to assess readiness

Teaching since: 2004

Teaching at Bill’s since: 2005

Experience playing music: Have been playing music since 1994

Bands played in: Joe Martone Trio (Bass), Old Man Brown, Bruit

Genres of music taught: Blues, Rock,Jazz & Classical

Education: UMBC, BA in Music Composition, Post Graduate in Music Composition

Personal teaching style/philosophy: “Lessons are geared for the individual. Learning to read music is essential. If you want to learn music you will make time to practice. The teacher offers advice, insight, corrections, tries to fix bad habits, but it is ultimately the student who is responsible for his or her progress. I teach all ages and listen to all styles. I challenge my student, but I don’t give them anything they can’t handle.”

Visit Joe's Website Here