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EMG AS93U Split Saddle Acoustic Pickup

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Product Description

The EMG-AS93U-L (Split Saddle) and EMG-AS125U-L (Split Saddle) are the most natural sounding saddle transducer systems in the world. EMG was the first to produce a piezo film pickup and has received two patents for our designs. The EMG-AS93U and AS125U are complete systems that include a saddle pickup, APA-2 preamp, and the EMG Ultrajak. Pickup included: AT93 or AT125 EMG pickup uses piezo film in a layered format (Bimorph) that has many advantages over other film designs as well as piezo crystals. The layering allows a lower output impedance as well as double the output of other designs. Unlike the crystals, the film has no resonance in the audible region so it doesn't have that annoying harshness inherent in the crystal pickups. Secondly, because the film runs the length of the pickup, any number of strings or string spacing can be used. Before purchasing you should measure the width of the saddle of your guitar to be sure you get the right pickup. The AS93U System is for 3/32 inch saddle width. The AS125U System is for 1/8 inch saddle width. Also available is the AS93U-L System for instruments with a split saddle. Included with each system is our EMG-APA-2 preamp. This is a miniature preamp/battery holder unit that is easily mounted to the neck block using a 3M dual-lok fastener. It incorporates a FET input for low noise and a very high input impedance (20 megohms) so you can finally get every ounce of tone your guitar is capable of producing. The low output impedance (2k ohms) allows you to plug into a guitar amp, mixing board, even directly into a tape/digital recorder with the same fabulous results. The most amazing aspect of this technology is that the pickup is virtually invisible. The natural tone of the guitar is amplified without added overtones or coloration. What you play is what you hear: highs with a natural brilliance and a low end that's full and rich. The total result is a pickup system for acoustic guitar that sounds as alive through a combo amp or mixing board as it does acoustically.

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