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Casio XW-P1 61-Key Digital Synthesizer

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Product Description

The XW-P1 is a 61 key performance synthesizer with Casio’s exclusive (HPSS) Hybrid Processing Sound Source. Providing screaming virtual analog monophonic leads and basses, drawbar organs, complex layers, stereo pianos, drums and more, the XW-P1 has the sounds and real-time control the performing musician needs.

Step Sequencer

Providing everything from pulsing dance grooves to animated synth textures and arpeggios, the Step Sequencer is the first of its kind. With nine tracks for drums, basses, synths and chordal parts, four controller tracks for adding panning, filter changes and other animation to existing parts and eight patterns make up each sequence; the user can build and mix his/her performance on the fly. Sequences can even transpose live from the keyboard, providing a completely interactive experience.

Drawbar Organ

In addition to the solo synth and Hexlayers, the XW-P1 performance synthesizer is armed with an arsenal of gig ready sounds like stereo pianos, vintage electric pianos, strings, brass, guitars, basses, drums and more. It also has a new drawbar organ mode. Utilizing the nine sliders on the XW-P1 you have full range control over each drawbar. The XW-P1 even has dedicated controls for key percussion and rotary speaker while also providing vibrato, distortion and more for the ultimate drawbar organ experience.

Solo Synth

Utilizing Casio’s exclusive (HPSS) Hybrid Processing Sound Source, a six oscillator monophonic solo synth is just one of the amazing sound engines in the XW-P1. The solo synth has the power to deliver classic analog sounds and sounds with an aggressive edge unlike anything else. Two virtual analog style oscillators, two PCM based oscillators, a noise oscillator and an external oscillator via mic and line inputs can be combined to make up a single solo synth tone. Each oscillator has an independent filter, envelopes, independent key tracking, portamento, two LFO’s and access to master resonant filter. With impressive modulation and control capabilities at your fingertips, the solo synth is capable of a wide range of sounds and expression.

Hex Layer

In addition to the solo synth, the XW-P1 also features HexLayer tones. A HexLayer is a single sound comprised of up to 6 components, allowing complex layers, splits and velocity switched sounds. The sliders on the XW-P1 can be used to mix sounds on the fly to create evolving pads and rich synth textures while key velocity can be used to create dynamic velocity switched orchestral sounds and more.

Arpeggiator and Phrase Sequencer

The XW-P1 has powerful arpeggiators. In addition to typical arpeggio patterns, this arpeggiator can create polyphonic synth gated patterns, acoustic instrument emulations and is even fully programmable allowing you to create your own unique sounds. An additional phrase sequencer allows you to quickly capture any riff that you play on the keyboard and have it available on a front panel switch or triggered and transposed live from a range of notes on the keyboard. The combination of the Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator and Phrase Sequencer provides an endless array of sound possibilities.


The XW-P1 has 4 realtime controller knobs, pitch bend and modulation wheels, along with 9 sliders to provide control over internal sounds and external devices. Through standard MIDI ports and with a class-compliant USB port the keyboard can be used as a controller for other instruments, including computer software and iPad® based software applications. It also includes an audio input allowing you to monitor an MP3 player, computer or other device without the need for a mixer.


While the XW-P1 comes with a power supply it can also run on batteries, providing a truly mobile music making experience. You can now create music virtually anywhere.

Tech Specs:

  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Controllers: Pitch Wheel; Yes
  • Modulation Wheel: Yes
  • Assignable Controllers: Controllers; 4 Knobs
  • Assignable Functions: MIDI Messages (CC, RPN, NRPN, Mono After touch, Poly After touch, Pitch, Tempo)
  • Editing Controllers: 9 Sliders
  • Display: LCD; 72x31 Dot Matrix + Patterns, with Backlight and Contrast
  • Tone Generator: Overview; Sound Generator Type; HPSS(Hybrid Processing Sound Source)
  • Polyphony: 64
  • Number of Parts: 16
  • Total Number of Tones (Preset/User): 620/310
  • GM Compatible: Level 1
  • Mixer: Yes
  • Tuning: A4=415.5Hz - 440.0Hz - 465.9Hz (0.1Hz-Step)
  • PCM Tones: Preset/User Tones; 400/100
  • Tri-Element Stereo Piano: Yes
  • Tones with User Wave: N/A
  • Drum Kits (Preset/User): 20/10
  • Hex Layer: Number of Tones (Preset/User); 50/50
  • Description: A single tone with 6 components. Independent filter, pitch, envelope key zone, velocity range and effects mix for each layer
  • Drawbar Organ: Number of Tones (Preset/User); 50/50
  • Description: 9 Step Drawbar organ mode with 9 dedicated sliders, percussion control, key click and rotary speaker
  • Solo Synthesizer: Preset/User Tones; 100/100
  • Maximum Polyphony: 1
  • Oscillator Blocks: 6 (Synth 1/2, PCM1/2, Ext Input, Noise)
  • Portamento: Yes
  • Legato: Yes
  • PWM: Yes
  • External Input: Yes
  • Pitch Shifter: Yes
  • Noise Generator: Yes
  • Non-Resonant Filter: Yes (6)
  • Resonant Filter : Yes (1)
  • Amplifier: Yes
  • Oscillator Mixer: Yes
  • LFO: Yes (2)
  • Envelope Generators: Pitch, Amp, Filter, LFO
  • Assignable Virtual Controllers: 8
  • Effects: System Reverb; Preset Types; 10
  • System Chorus: Preset Types; 5
  • Limitations: System Chorus, DSP and Solo Synthesizer are mutually exclusive
  • Master Effect: EQ; Editable 4 Band EQ
  • DSP: Number of DSP Sets (Preset/User); 100/100
  • PCM Tone Effect Categories: Compressor, Distortion, Enhancer, Wah, Auto Pan, Tremolo, Rotary, Phaser, Chorus, Reflection, Tempo Sync Delay, Ring Modulator, LoFi, 2-Module Multi
  • Solo Synth DSP: Tempo Sync Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulator, Chorus, Flanger, Pan
  • Algorithm Types: 46(Normal Tone DSP) 6(Solo Synthesizer DSP)
  • DSP Lines: 1
  • Audio Player: Storage Type; SD Card
  • Number of Songs: 999
  • Audio File Format: 42kHz Stereo
  • Limitation: Audio Playing, Musical Playing(SMF, Step Sequencer) are mutually exclusive.
  • Step Sequencer: Number of Tracks; Mono x 8, Poly x 1, Control x 4
  • Number of Patterns / Step Sequence: 8
  • Number of Step Sequencers (Preset/User): 100/100
  • Number of Chains (user): 100
  • Maximum Number of Steps: 16
  • Key Play: Yes
  • Other: Note Gate, Note Swing per Track
  • Phrase Sequencer: Number of Phrases; 100/100
  • Number of Tracks: 1
  • Play Mode: Loop, Hold, Key Play
  • Capacity: 8KBytes/Pgrase, 128KBytes/100 User Phrases
  • Recordable Events: Note On/Off, Controller Operations
  • Arpeggiator: Other; Phrase measure and note quantize, overdub
  • Number of Patterns (Preset/User): 100/100
  • Data Types: Variation, Step
  • Editing Function: Variation; Parameter Edit
  • Step: 16-Step Edit, Parameter Edit
  • Performance: Number of Memories (Preset/User); 100/100
  • Parameter Categories: Tone, Effect, Mixer, Controller, Sequence, Phrase, Arpeggio, MIDI
  • Recall Parameter Filter: Yes
  • Number of Keyboard Zones: 4
  • Multifunction Key: Yes
  • Transpose: Range; +/- 12
  • Octave Shift: Range; +/- 3
  • Tempo: Range; 30-255BPM
  • Tap Tempo: Button/LED; Yes
  • MIDI Clock: Transmit/Receive; Yes
  • Storage: SDHC Card; Capacity; 2GB-32GB

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