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Brian Lis


Name: Brian Lis

Email: Click here to email Brian Lis at: BrianLis@BillsMusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: 2017

Areas of Expertise: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Drums, Keyboards

Years of Experience Playing music: 9 Years

Bands/Venues played in: Current guitarist in Heart for Hire / Ottobar, Sidebar, Recher Theater, The 8x10, etc…

Favorite piece of musical gear I own: Orange CR120H Guitar Head

Piece of gear I wish I owned: Gretsch G6120SSL

Musical artists I am inspired by: Jack White, James Taylor, Travis Barker.

We want to hear from you! Customer Reviews:

Once again I leave your store a happy and satisfied customer! Brian Lis has gone above and beyond in helping me prepare for several upcoming shows; from purchasing the right equipment to educating me on how to run my own sound. You and your staff truly Rock! ~ M. Houk