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BARCUS-BERRY Clarinet/Saxaphone/Harmonica Electret Mic with Preamp

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The 5200 has been designed to be attached and removed easily from the bell of a Clarinet or Sax. Features wide-band frequency response, excellent dynamic range, and provides clean, faithful reproduction of the acoustic sound. Includes the 3000AE preamp/power supply, microphone and attachment adhesives. Features:
å¥ Designed to be attached and removed easily from the bell of a clarinet or saxophone.
å¥ Offers a wide-band of frequency response.
å¥ Delivers excellent dynamic range and a clean reproduction of original sound. Includes:
å¥ Transducer/Pickup: Electret microphone
å¥ Preamp: 3000AE preamp/power supply Ideal For:
Alto Horn, Bassoon, Bugle, Clarinet, Cornet, English Horn, Euphonium, French Horn, Harmonica, Mellophone, Oboe, Recorder, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

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