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B.A. Carr

Name: B.A. Carr

Email: Click here to email B.A. at: BA@BillsMusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: 2015

Areas of Expertise: Guitar and Amplifiers & Speaker Cabs; Sound Systems, Brass & Woodwinds.

Years of Experience Playing music: 54

Bands/Venues played in: Western New York's 1960s Rock Band The Undiminished. Currently play lead guitar in Catonsville's Blues State Band, playing classic rock and blues. Do solo gigs, acoustic rock and blues. Have played trombone in a college marching band, also played clarinet and tenor saxophone in my youth. Currently studying jazz guitar under Carl Filipiak.

Favorite piece of musical gear I own: PRS McCarty Archtop Guitar.

Piece of gear I wish I owned: Gibson ES-175.

Musical artists I am inspired by: Freddie King, Eric Clapton, Otis Rush, BB King, Santana

Check out some REAL reviews of B.A. Carr Below!

"Very impressed with Bill's Music, and BA, who waited on us! These guys know their stuff and are very nice! Great customer service!~ Eileen P.

"I will always be a loyal Bill’s customer. The store is so well stocked, the people so smart, there’s no reason go anywhere else including online." ~ T. Beer

"The representative who helped me was kind and patient, and definitely should be commended. Not only that but I overestimated my transportation capabilities, and a number of associates swept in to help me get my new instrument home since I was just down the road. The staff at Bill's Music are excellent and I would come to them again for any future musical needs I have. You guys are excellent, and I hope those who helped me out receive the commendations they deserve. " ~ T. Rielle

"Hey, BA! From one older rocker to another, thanks so much for taking the time to show me all those guitars and give me a lot of info I'll need when I actually buy my first 6 string electric. Was in this past Thursday and you showed me the PRS products, the Gibson Les Paul "Less" and The Ricks and finally, the Sheraton. 

And when I do buy, and I will, probably by the end of the month, I'll be back to see you and we'll deal with not only the guitar, but amp and pedals as well.

You are a valuable member of the Bills Music team, I'm sure, and I really appreciate your service, your knowlege and pointing me in a good direction.  Well done, sir, and thanks again. See you at the end of the month." ~ Paul G.

"Hi B.A., Thanks for the help this week. My son and his former teacher have good thing to say about that tenor sax you sold me. They are happy, so I am happy! I occasionally help my church, and two local schools, purchase sound and lighting gear.  If another opportunity comes up, I’ll be sure to send you a note asking for a quote. Thanks again for the special accommodation you worked out for me. All the best." ~ Jim

"I would just like to inform you that everything I purchased at Bill's is working fantastically and I would really like to thank BA.  He was the best sales associate I could have asked for to guide me through my journey.  I could sense that he understood I was about to spend a lot of money and he helped me spend it as wisely as I could.  He provided so many choices in guitars, amps, and foot pedals that I am confident in every penny I spent.  Also, he's simply a great guy with great taste in music and gear and I appreciate everything he did for me.  Thank you guys!" ~ Jacob S.

"Was recently on vacation in the Baltimore area and came into your store and purchased a Takamine parlor acoustic. Very happy with the way I was treated at your store. Absolutely LOVE the guitar. BA gave me a complete tour of the store and made a great experience!! He saw me on the street the next day and made a point of saying hello. You don't get that at Guitar Center." ~ Bill W.

"B.A., my sales associate, was outstanding. He was patient (and I surely tested his patience), and knowledgeable ( I really needed his help). In other words, he was the perfect Sales Associate for me." ~ Kim B.

"Nice meeting a sales person who knows and honors old fashioned courtesy and good salesmanship." ~ Tony S.

"BA did a great job helping me get my guitar pedal board gear in line." ~ John W.