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Auralex 1" Studiofoam Wedge-24 20 Piece

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Product Description

The world standard! An economical option for mid-high frequency absorption. The thicker the treatment, the more mid-low frequency control you gain. A GREAT stock item. Designed to control ambiance and improve sound quality; they do not isolate sound (for isolation, see Construction Products on page 22). Available in 10 colors, 4 thicknesses, and 2 sizes (2’x2’ or 2’x4’).

(20) 2'x4'x1" wedge, 160 sq.ft. Perfect for those environments that demand good sound control, but where complete acoustic absorption isn't required or desired. 1" Studiofoam Wedge works most effectively on mid and high frequency sound waves and may be used to acoustically treat walls or, most commonly ceilings (especially if they aren't parallel to the floor), even when the walls are treated with thicker acoustic Studiofoam. 1" acoustic Studiofoam Wedge absorbs as well as some competing 2" products, so if ythe budget is a bit "thin."

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