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Rob Zwick


Name: Rob Zwick

Email: Click here to email Rob Zwick at: Rob@BillsMusic.com

Working at Bill’s since: 2017

Areas of Expertise: Guitar, Amps, and Drums

Years of Experience Playing music: 11 Years

Bands/Venues played in: Played at what used to be the Recher Theater in Towson, Baltimore Soundstage, as well as several bars and smaller venues.

Favorite piece of musical gear I own: My Ibanez S470dxqm played through my Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Line 6 POD HD500 and Fender Mustang GT100

Piece of gear I wish I owned: Either a Music Man Majesty, or a custom made Mayones Regius 6

Musical artists I am inspired by: My play style is heavily influenced by progressive metal and math rock artists such as Mark Holcomb from Periphery, John Petrucci from Dream Theater, and Mario Camarena from CHON